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Insects & Bugs

We approach insect control with our top concern being the health and safety of our clients, their family, and their pets.  We provide insect control:

  1. Using the safest chemical and physical control products on the market.
  2. Applying those control products in precise spots where insects are hiding and living.
  3. We offer home sealing services which can block out 95% or more of all interior pests.

Yard Pests

Keeping pests such as moles out of your lawn is a maintenance similar to mowing the lawn.  If kept up on, the grass is easy to maintain, but if it is left to grow too high you'll triple the work.  We have maintenance programs to control yard pests in an on-going manner.

Rodent Control

We provide a triple-headed approach for proper rodent control:

  1. Control the rodents currently living inside of the home.
  2. Seal the home up on the exterior to prevent entry of new rodents. 
  3. Manage the on-going rodent pressure on the exterior of the home.

Wildlife Control

If you have animals living in your attic, in your wall voids, or under your house the problem is not actually the animal.  The animal is a symptom of the larger problem which are the openings on the exterior of the home.  All homes have a certain amount of gaps and openings even if they are brand new.  We have a systematic approach to inspecting structures and implementing our game plan:

  1. Mount the appropriate trap or one-way door over the target animal's entry point in order to remove them from the home.
  2. Seal up all other possible entry points that the target animal can use to enter or exit the home.
  3. Once it is is determined all of the animals have been removed from the home we will remove the traps or one-way doors and seal the final hole.
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